Helping dogs live a more balanced life, one step at a time.

Sean Sevitski • Owner, Head AlphaWalker

My name is Sean, and I have been walking and working with dogs my whole life.

About three years ago, I decided to make it my livelihood. At that time, I had been working alongside and shadowing Sean O’Shea at The Good Dog Training and Rehabilitation, working with dogs with all different aggression, reactivity, and anxiety issues, learning about how structure, rules, and socialization impact the relationship between dog and owner. I also saw how many good dogs had been labeled not-so-good by dog walkers and boarding facilities that weren't able to provide the proper structure and rules to set the dog up for success, and how owners were struggling to find a place for their dog to spend time when they were at work or out of town.

I wanted to create a service for those dogs who had been kicked out of doggie daycare, were too aggressive/unruly for the neighborhood dog walker, or labeled "too aggressive" at the pet hotel. 

So ALPHA WALK was born :)

On my walk, your dog will not be dragging me down the street or pulling me to every tree – he or she will walk at a good pace, at my heel, in a structured fashion, without marking/excessive sniffing or reactions towards dogs/people/lawn mowers. This is to insure that your dog keeps a respectful relationship with humans and, effectively, you – their owner – the rest of the time. Boarding dogs live a highly structured life with me, with daily walks, structured play time, swimming (if appropriate), and training maintenance. Safety is my number one priority, so all dog interaction is highly monitored, and only when appropriate with the right dogs.

If you think you have a bad dog, or if you have a great dog that just needs a little more structure in their day, contact me! All dogs are welcome at Alpha Walk.