Not your average dog walker...


I tailor a specific exercise and structure plan to meet your dog’s needs, with safety and leadership as my first priority so you and your dog can relax and have a great day.


55-minute, structured, fast-paced walks for your mild- to high-energy dog. Your dog will heel at my side, no pulling or dog/people reactivity allowed! Pick-up/Drop-off included, of course.

1 walk (2x or less/week) – $45

1 walk (3x or more/week) – $35



If your dog is pulling on leash, reactive to other dogs, or making your walk stressful and unsafe, I can help you! This is strongly recommended before starting a walk program with me.

Two sessions, one hour each. Includes a prong training collar - learn more about these here!




If you want a fully off-leash E-Collar trained dog who comes every time you call, stays politely on Place command when guests come over, doesn't bark or lunge or react to other dogs on walks, is generally more respectful, and is the canine companion you always wanted? Alpha Walk's 2-Week Obedience bootcamp is the program for you. Let us do the hard work so you can just keep it up!

This two-week* program is followed up by two 90 minute sessions, to transfer all of the training to you. This program includes an Educator Mini 300 E-Collar.


*More severe cases may require additional weeks.



Structured, fast-paced hikes for the athletic, mild- to high-energy dog. Your dog will walk at my side, with a pack of safe dogs. Pick-up will be sometime in the morning, drop-off sometime in the later afternoon!




Structured, super-fast-paced rides for the athletic, high-energy dog. Each 25-minute interval comes with a 1-minute paw check :)

1-hour ride* – $50

30-min ride – $35

*One-hour rides are recommended for more high-energy, young, athletic dogs only!



Going out of town? Need someplace structured to leave your dog, where you know he or she will get plenty of exercise, monitored social time (if appropriate), and, most importantly, will be safe? Alpha Walk Boarding was created specifically to meet the needs of owners whose dogs require a little more than the average doggie boarding. Every dog is welcome at Alpha Walk.



Ready to get your dog started? CONTACT ME and I’ll set you up today.